Wentworth Computer Science College

Year 11 Subject Information

Year 11 is students’ first examination year. They will sit their Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). This is an international qualification recognised around the world. Students must choose at least 5 subjects for their IGCSE. As well as this, students will continue to have the opportunity to work on Industry Qualfications within their Computer Science or Information and Communication Technology subjects.

Subjects Offered:

This subject is a core subjects for students at IGCSE level. English is an important subject required in later years for University Entrance.

Mathematics is the foundation subject of technology, and encompasses both algebra and statistics. A good grounding in this subject is important for understanding the fundamentals of Computer Science, Information and Communications Technology, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and related Sciences and is another core subject. A good grade in IGCSE mathematics completes the numeracy requirements for University Entrance.

This subject will build on what the students have learned already around ICT. They will learn a wide range of topics ranging from hardware and software, through to the applications of ICT, safety and security, networks, the effects of ICT and so on. Following successful completion of this subject, students will move on to Information Technology at AS level.

In Computer Science students will learn computational thinking, the principles of solving problems using computers, the sub-systems that make up computer systems and how they relate to each other as well as software, hardware and people and the skills required to understand how to solve problems using high-level programming language.

Economics at IGCSE level develops an understanding of economic theory, terminology and principles. It is a foundation course focusing on skills and knowledge to provide the basis for studying further in Year 12.

Business Studies helps to develop students’ knowledge of the business world in both the public and private sectors. It introduces students to business decision making and how businesses are established, organised and run.

IGCSE Biology covers the basic principles and concepts of the subject and helps learners to understand the biological world around them.

IGCSE Chemistry covers the basic principles and concepts of the subject and includes some current applications of the subject and has a strong practical component.

IGCSE Physics covers the basic principles and concepts of the subject and helps learners to understand the technological world they live in.