Wentworth Computer Science College


Wentworth Computer Science College is the perfect school for any student interested in Technology, the Sciences or STEM in general. The Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum is an academic curriculum. Students who are interested in enrolling should be competent English language speakers before enrolling in our school.

Application Procedure

All applicants are required to attend a formal interview with the Principal. Enrolments are accepted throughout the academic year, and an enrolment interview can be organized by contacting info@wentworth.school.nz.

Students will be required to sit an short test in both Mathematics and English and complete a questionnaire on their existing experience with technology. Payment of the application fee and enrolment fee is required to secure a place in the school once it is offered. Students who are international students have different requirements. Please contact info@wentworth.school.nz for these requirements. For domestic students, the following documentation is required:

  • A completed application form
  • A copy of the applicant’s NZ Birth Certificate or NZ passport.
    If the student was not born in New Zealand, they will need to provide evidence of their eligibility to study in New Zealand by providing their passport together with any visas issued by Immigration New Zealand.
  • A completed health/medical record with information (including copies of assessments) regarding any special education needs such as cognitive learning disorders or challenges.
  • A copy of the student’s latest school report.
  • Any other additional information that may assist the College in reaching a decision about the student’s application.

If you wish to enrol in our school, download an application form, complete it and return to info@wentworth.school.nz. One of our staff will then be in contact to process your application. Or simply fill out the online application form below.

Application Form – Domestic Student

By signing this Application Form, I/we agree with and accept the following:

  1. I/We have provided full disclosure of all information (including health and learning assessments and challenges) that may be required by Wentworth Computer Science College to make a decision regarding this application.
  2. I/We authorize the School to collect any additional information it may require during the enrolment process and during the period in which the student is enrolled at Wentworth Computer Science College.
  3. I/We understand that this information is intended for use in connection with assessing the suitability of the applicant and the subsequent education and wellbeing of the student during their time at Wentworth Computer Science College.
  4. Wentworth has, as its primary purpose, the academic and general education of students and shall obtain such information as necessary to achieve this purpose. The information collected may be used by any of the staff at Wentworth Computer Science College, and any other organization or group that functions under the auspices of Wentworth College, for any lawful activity undertaken by these bodies.
  5. Applicants have the right to access and request correction of any personal information collected by Wentworth Computer Science College.


I/We declare that I am legally entitled to make this application.
I/We declare that all information provided in support of this application for admission is true, complete and correct.
I/We understand that acceptance of this form does not constitute admission of the student.
I/We understand that I/we will be required to agree to the conditions of entry at the time an offer is made.